Credit for new kitchen

Do you need credit for your new kitchen? Would you like to implement a renovation project or are you just planning to replace expensive kitchen appliances?

Which regular kitchen loan would be the cheapest option for you depends on the scope of the project, the objectives pursued and your ownership status. Are you a tenant or owner of the property? We would like to use information to help you decide on the loan offer that suits you best.

State promotional loans, residential loans without a land register and consumer loans to fulfill your kitchen dream are briefly presented.

Loan for the new kitchen – government funding

Loan for the new kitchen - government funding

Comfort in life does not have to be lost in old age, despite physical limitations. The program for the age-appropriate renovation hides a loan for your new kitchen that could hardly be cheaper. (Credit 159). As a property owner, you can apply for up to 50,000 USD at an effective annual interest rate of 0.75 percent for the age-appropriate renovation.

Modernization measures that increase living comfort and security are eligible. With regard to the kitchen, which has been planned to save space for young people, space must be created. With the walker or sitting in a wheelchair, barriers must not restrict freedom of movement. A newly adapted room geometry and a handicap-adapted adjustment of the working height allow you to maintain quality of life.

But, not only the low-interest loan for your new kitchen, bathroom, stairs, …, is offered by the state funding program. Alternatively or in addition to the low interest rate, it would be possible to receive an investment grant of up to 6,250 USD. (Grant 455). Incidentally, the programs are not only available for self-used living space. As a landlord, you can also rely on government support for your age-appropriate housing project.

Modernize rental apartment – housing loan for the kitchen

It is not only possible to implement large-scale projects to improve the quality of living at low interest rates through state loan support. The term housing loan summarizes loan offers that make it easier for owners and tenants to renovate their housing. Instead of extensive regulations, such as the KfW loan, housing credit offers endless scope for design and low interest rates.

You can apply for a loan for your new kitchen as a home loan without an entry in the land register. Borrowers save the costs for the notary and the registration without paying much higher interest. To apply for a loan, only the land register extract and the property tax notice must be available. For the search for offers, it is advisable to call up a free credit comparison.

Currently (July 2016) an adequate kitchen loan from 2.49 percent APR could be approved. The interest offer mentioned is based on Degussa Bank. If the desired residential loan comes from swkbank, the current interest rate is 2.60 percent APR. The two examples mentioned arbitrarily prove that even larger loans for the kitchen (without land register) do not have to be expensive.

Exchange individual kitchen appliances – buy quality and save interest

Energy-saving household appliances significantly reduce the household’s energy requirements. Best energy efficiency and long-lasting quality are unfortunately not cheap to buy. For a good fridge or a new kitchen stove, you can quickly pay 1,000 USD later. Of course, goods from the Far East are also cheaper, but do the products really last longer than the warranty period?

Most don’t want to re-equip their kitchens with new kitchen appliances after just two or five years. You would rather opt for a low-interest loan for your new kitchen. Enduring hustle and bustle in the kitchen again and again, nobody has anything for that either. So a new dishwasher and new fronts are added to the stove or refrigerator. The cheap financing ensures a small loan.

The credit market is currently offering loans of up to $ 3,000 for the new kitchen, with a maximum term of 36 months, at a particularly favorable price. For 1.79 percent APR, credit for your new kitchen could be in the account after about three working days. If you apply for a free credit comparison via Videoident, online credit is not only cheap, but also quickly available.

Relocation – takeover of the kitchen when the cash register is tight

Relocation - takeover of the kitchen when the cash register is tight

Loans for the new kitchen are not always added to the wish list at the right time. Finding the beautiful new apartment was hard work. In addition to the deposit, the poor checking account had to digest the broker’s commission, the move and the takeover of the fitted kitchen. Now, on the home stretch, liquidity is running out. Running back to the house bank, asking for a further increase in the overdraft facility, is unfortunately out of the question.

What is needed is a quick solution to the current liquidity squeeze. – As well as permanent debt rescheduling of the relocation costs in connection with the loan for the new kitchen. You can find solution options for both problems online. After a move, personal creditworthiness, as evidenced by the score, is not always in top form. Faster regular installment loans would become a problem. Companies like Vexcash offer solutions to the current liquidity problem.

First-time applicants should apply for up to 500 USD with a term of 30 days online via videoident. This initially saves time until the next salary relaxes the situation. Nevertheless, the account is still high in the red. Overdraft is expensive, the alternative, despite the current poor credit rating, could come from Cream bank. The loan for your new kitchen and the move would be rescheduled on a low-interest loan from private.